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Our Services

Our Services

Domain & Hosting Services

Domain name is the first step towards building your own website and serves as an online address for your website. Your users can type the domain name in address bar to reach your website. E.g. www.speedyinfotech.com. You can type this in address bar of the browser to reach our website. Domain is the one which you need to buy yourself. We would definitely guide you through the process.

Important: Website owner has a full right to choose any company for domain name and hosting services. It is not mandatory that you have to purchase a domain name from the company where you have the Hosting services or vice a versa.

Web Design and SEO

After Registration of domain, We can start with our website designing Process. The designing is the most time consuming process during the whole development of the website as we need to design as per the device compatibility.

We use HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript & JQuery to design the UI (User Interface) of the website to keep it compatible with most browsers and load quickly even on a slow internet connection.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the full form suggests it means optimizing the website for visibility in Search Engines. In this Sector especially google has a major role in driving traffic to your website.

We use only white hat techniques for optimizing websites and do not GURANTEE about rankings in Search Engines. Meta Title, Description, Updating Keywords, Canonical etc are the one we work towards for optimizing Website sites presence in most of the Search Engines.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Android App

Nowadays, Android App has become a need. If you have eCommerce or dynamic website then you must have Android App for your users. Because more than 70% of the users prefer mobile app instead of accessing via website.

So we develop custom Android application as per your need using Android programming language i.e. JAVA & XML.

iPhone App

Though Android has a big market in India, we cannot ignore iPhone users. They are increasing slowly but surely. So iPhone application is also necessary for targeting your customers using iPhones.

We develop iPhone application too using the iOS programming language i.e. Objective-C and C.



WordPress is a great CMS development platform and we are masters at open source CMS development using WordPress.


We provide a complete installation and configuration of WordPress and let you use it in its full glory.


In addition to development services, rest assured of comprehensive and quality support and maintenance services from us.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is the most popular for any mobile speedy infotech provides the Bulk SMS service in india is the dissemination of large number of SMS messages. where SMS delivers to mobile phone terminals. Bulk SMS services is widely use by the companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for the variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprises and mobile marketing.
Bulk SMS service is also used for the SMS alert, reminders, marketing. it is also use for the communication both staff and customer. Bulk SMS services in india same as as a great tool of SMS marketing has been explored in recent times by small and medium level companies.
Digital Communication Services are an opportunity which corporate should explore in order to maximize their sales.Speedy Infotech, a Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai, India has successfully designed and delivered many Bulk SMS marketing campaigns to its clients as it’s a great medium to reach out to clients within seconds at prices that meet the budget. The company deploys latest technology to streamline the overall process of Bulk SMS marketing.
Speedy infotech deploys the latest technology to implement the Bulk SMS dissemination process, thereby, ensuring the smoothest delivery of messages. The company is determined to provide un-interrupted Bulk SMS marketing service to its customers.
Speedy Infotech provides 24/7 customer service to its customers. Solving customer queries is always a top priority for the company. Each query is resolved in the best possible manner helping customers to execute successful campaigns.
Whether you are a end user or a re-seller, Speedy Infotech is equipped with the most flexible packages, discounts & offers for you. What are you waiting for... call us now, know the best offer for you!

Bulk Email

Bulk email is an advance marketing strategy, which is getting popular day by day and bring ease in promoting new product and services. mobile market is the best way to spread the arrival of the different services, which helps customer to gain market.
Speedy Infotech pvt offer the email solution you need to send an email right way. experience how easy it is to create and send beautiful & personalized email campaign with email marketing to like automation, user friendly drag and drop editor.
Speedy Infotech is one of the leading brands in business communication technology, serving clients in India & other parts of the world since a decade. The company is known for its best pricing & its excellence in technology. We provide one stop business communication solution to its clients including bulk email marketing.
At Speedy Infotech, it is believed that he who ignores customer service is ignoring the customer. We provide 24/7 customer support followed by immediate attention & quick resolution of the queries faced by customers.
Whether you are an end user or a re-seller, Dove Soft is equipped with the most flexible packages, discounts & offers for you. What are you waiting for... call us now, know the best offer for you!